Bidens Rethoric KILLS an 18 Year old Boy

This is a huge story, not many media outlets will pick up. I have to give credit where credit is due and Fox News did tell this story. Fox did the right thing here.

An 18 year old boy by the name of Cayler Ellington was run down with a car and KILLED by a Democrat Joe Biden Voter Shannon Brandt who is 41 years old. Shannon said he struck Cayler after an unspecified political argument and that the teen was calling people to go after him.

He was charged with killing the teenager using his vehicle and has reportedly admitted to intentionally hitting the boy after he claimed Cayler was a part of a Republican Political Extremist Group.

This has happened just last Sunday in McHenry, North Dakota. Court documents said he told a 911 dispatcher the teen was a part of a Republican Extremist Group and was calling people to go after him following an unspecified political argument.

Caylers mother told the police that her son had called her before the crash, asking if she knew Brandt. She said she did but she did not believe her son knew him. Brand fled the scene of the tragic murder and was arrested at his home.

So this has been a story on Fox News and … wait. Nowhere else. No other Major network like CNN, MSNBC, NBC or other leftist media has picked this story up to protect Joe Biden and the Democrats before the election.

Joe Biden words have led to this. His rhetoric calling Republicans and Maga Republicans Extremists has killed this Boy. Joe Biden and the Democrats constantly have been calling the Republicans the violent ones when here is a perfect example of Joe Biden inciting violence towards Republicans that led to this young boys death. This is what led to this terrible tragedy.

These statements have let to the death of this 18 year old boy. Biden incited violence against Republicans by this statement and has done so repeatedly since taking office. These are also many prominent democrats on video calling for Violence against the Republican side.

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