Trump referral to DOJ for Criminal Prosecution is an Insurrection in itself.

Most know about the Jan 6th Commission. I knew about it from the beginning and was a little bit interested at the start as well.

I did see Donald Trumps address during the Jan 6th Speech that he gave and have a very vivid recollection of what he said and how he asked people to behave.

When the hearings started it was clear to me that the Commission would not be a fair one.

First of all, every single participant of the Commission was chosen by the Democratic Leader of Congress, Nancy Pelosi. Just by that it was obvious which way this would go.

Adam Schiff was included. The man that was bragging about having more than circumstantial evidence of the Russia Collusion. Well he never delivered on that statement and never will.

Here is Adam saying there is more than Circumstantial evidence of Russia Collusion in 2017, which turned out to be a total lie.

The next thing I saw in one of the beginning hearings is the video montage which was shown by the Commission to show Trump asking to go to the Capitol and to fight. Unfortunately there was parts edited from that speech which did not fit the Media and Democrat narrative and would make the whole story fall apart.

You see Democrats want to show and push the narrative that Donald Trump directed that riot at the Capitol. They want everyone to believe he asked for it and showed only the words that he spoke that made it look like that is exactly what happened. Through hearings like this, the commission and everyone there should want to be as transparent and open as they possibly could.

Here is what was CUT and Edited out by the Commission and Democrats to fool the American People into believing their overblown narrative. YouTube keeps removing this as they are protecting the narrative as well.

We would all think that the Commission members would want to show the American People the truth and not hide anything. To think that with this biased Commission you would be greatly mistaken.

Don’t get me wrong the few hundred people that attacked, entered, damaged and stormed the Capitol deserve to be prospected and held accountable. They don’t deserve to be held for years and not given their day in court. The few hundred people or even the highest number given is 1200 entered the Capitol and stormed it.

That is less than 1% of people that were there. The rest that went, the 99% of people behaved normally and peacefully. Less than 1% of people committed the criminal acts of destroying and storming the Capitol and threatening Government Officials.

There is no proof or any evidence that Donald Trump was in any way connected to the Capitol Riot. Here is a news story saying directly that the FBI found NO EVIDENCE of Trump or his Circle being directly connected to any of the Capitol Violence on January 6th.

To me this committee is a total hoax and basically another way to try to damage Donald Trumps support as much as they possibly can before 2024.

In my opinion NOTHING will come of this. Nothing will ever be proven to put Trump or even prevent him from running for President in 2024. Its a campaign to damage him as much as possible and to protect the fringe and corrupt part of the US Government.

I believe most of our Government are good people but we have Corrupt people in powerful positions creating this havoc. This has to be fixed. We have to have fair elections and win this battle in a peaceful and legal way. Not violence.


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