Trumps Message, $99 Trump cards and a list of wishes IF HE WINS in 2 years… Annoyed

So Donald Trump came out yesterday on December 14th and announced that he was going to have a huge announcement on the 15th of December…

Ok I thought and got a little excited because I, just as many others thought that he was going to announce he is running for Speaker of the House.

That would be an amazing thing because he would be able to start the process of helping and slowing down the damage the Democrats did in the last two years.

He could put forward bills, short ones, one to two pages and publicize them. He should make them super easy to understand and all of them focus only on one thing like curbing censorship and things like that. By being the Speaker of the House he could now, automatically start the process of preparing the country for his run in 2024. He could help investigate some bad people, expose the corrupt things that are happening more and more.

That was the hope that I and many others had.

The 15th of December came and we got 2 announcements.

  1. We can PURCHASE collectible, digital cards of Trump for $99
  2. He recorded a 6 minute message on what he is going to do once he wins the Presidency in 2024…

Why wait ? He could start doing some of this stuff right away and move the process forward already by assuming the role of Speaker of the House. Its a very powerful position as we saw what Pelosi and her minions have done.

This just feels wrong on every level. It feels more like a money grab because no one has any guarantee he will win or even get nominated. He will collect millions during this time and keep talking.

I suggest to President Trump. Get off your ass sir and if you truly want to help get in as speaker and start helping. Otherwise shut up and stop taking peoples money. This is not helping. Talk is cheap. Lets see some action.



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