TRUTH: Hillary Clinton E-mail Investigation Results

Hillary Clinton along with many other Democrats and most of leftist media keep lying now that there was no Classified information found in her e-mails during the FBI Probe before the 2016 Election. This is a flat out lie that is simply meant to make Donald Trump look as bad as possible.

We all know that Donald Trumps Home in Florida was raided by the FBI and the Democrat Elites are trying to find anything possible on Donald Trump to prevent him from running for the US Presidency in 2024. There is a fake story being pushed by paid leftist activists on Twitter, Facebook and other sources including the Main Stream Media that Hillary Clinton never had any Classified information in her e-mails.

Hillary Clinton herself has come out and said that herself. Thank God there is Video Evidence of at the time FBI Director Comey telling the American people what exactly was found in that investigation and just how careless Hillary Clinton and her whole department was with Classified, Secret and Top Secret information.

Director Comey actually went as far as saying that it is very possible that Hillary Clintons private email was hacked and Classified, Top Secret information was actually taken by Foreign Adversaries. Listen, watch and judge for yourselves. I’m providing multiple links if Youtube decides to censor this video. Other links below:

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